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During the last more than 15 years beside Costa Rica we have accumulated a tremendous knowledge at other Latin American destinations. We have organized and lead several private and group tours at various destinations, many time pioneering new combinations such as an unique Pantanal cruise combined with the endemic paradise of Atlantic Forest in Brazil or Yucatan, Mexico combined with Belize. But we also know different corners of Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador-Galapagos and Peru as well.

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panama - raptor migration & tropical birding bonanza

Imagine close to 1000 species of birds; that is more than the total number of species found in the whole Europe or USA and Canada combined! All that is at a relatively small area, thus it means a very high biodiversity. Fortunately more than one-third of the country‚Äôs territory is protected.  Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America with modern infrastructure which helps to have a hassle-free visit of this hidden tropical paradise.

During Raptor Migration you can enjoy various thousand of birds passing daily, well, actually it can be hundreds of thousands or even a million! We witnessed not just once more than 1.2 million birds crossing in front and above us within a few hours! What is more World-famous tropical birding areas are also really close.

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brazil - unique pantanal cruise & endemics of Atlantic forest

Brazil and within that the Pantanal is surely a dream destination for any nature enthusiast. It is close to legendary in the natural history world and especially famed as place to see Jaguars, Giant Otters, Giant Anteaters, Hyacinth Macaws and a huge range of exotic looking birds. There are a few specialized tour companies who offer Pantanal, but all spending days at some lodges and quick day visits of the nearest jaguar sighting spots which are crowded by other tour groups.

The Atlantic Forest is one of the richest areas in the World for wildlife, especially in terms of birds, butterflies, moth and dragonflies. There are close to 500 bird species at and in the vicinity of the lodge, including 180 (!!!) endemic birds. During a week long stay you see easily 300 species including 70 endemics. Fantastic photo opportunities and amazing landscape.

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belize & yucatan-mexico

In birding terms Mexico is a very rich country due to its geographical situation. There is a wide variety of habitats and ecosystems, which are home to a rich flora and fauna full of endemics. There are coastal dunes, mangroves, savannas, lowland and highland cloud and rain forests, deserts. Mexico is one the of main biological diversity hotspots with 1,040 different species of birds, of which many are endemic or regionally endemic shared with Guatemala and Belize. 

The Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas are among the most interesting regions in Mexico with premium birding sites and many different habitats from Caribbean beaches and mangroves through tropical rainforests to highland pine forests. The world famous Mayan archaeological sites  can be very rewarding for birdwatchers as well. Perfect mix of Nature & Culture at the same time! No wonder we have spent more than 12 years living and guiding in this amazing area. 

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