In our shop you will find all locally made stuff made by the Costa Rican indigenous Boruca people and also some useful items, like maps, books, t-shirts, and probably soon some Swarovski optic objects.. 
Please note, that since we just opened as a birding lodge our supply is not full yet, but we work on it to make it very attractive to you..:-)

The Boruca people live in nearby areas and they make beautiful wooden masks, which are representing the life of the indigenous people living in the area hundreds of years ago. They wore these masks when they made rituals or when they went to fight with other indigenous tribes. Usually they represent birds like parrots, quetzal, owls, which were sacred and mammals like jaguar which was/is the king of the jungles and represent strengths..
Also painting are made locally showing the beautiful nature and wildlife that surrounds us in Costa Rica.
We have postcards, books, maps about Costa Rica, its birds and other wildlife. We also have our own which you can use during your stay. Our books will be around in the lobby/bar area, just please always take them back to their place, so everybody can find them there and use them. If you take any of them to your room please sign it on the paper we use for this! We also have some other type of lovely present ideas like birdie or butterfly towels and T-shirts, scarfs, fridge magnets, pens that are also good to bring it home as a nice present for a friend or family member or having it for yourself to remember your time in Costa Rica. 

 Enjoy the choices and take some nice memories home with you! Buying one of our nice products you will help the local culture, the Boruca indigenous people!



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Our mission

Our first priority is to save habitats & species.

Secondly we would like to share our knowledge of wildlife and encourage you to participate directly or indirectly in protecting nature.

We are also working continuously on our carbon balance with developing our 23 hectares of wildlife reserve.

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