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We offer not just simply a luxurious birding accommodation, but different tailor-made programmes for longer, relaxing stays till various circuit tours.

The below feedbacks are reflecting different types experiences ranging from a couple staying at us for 2 weeks till a Grand Circuit tour of a large group of friends wanting to visit most of the best parts of Costa Rica and also a combination between the previous 2 version: staying a week at us and having a week long circle afterwards.


Thanks for a really great trip, excellent organisation and a very friendly group!!


With 350+ bird species seen this was really a great tour! Precise organisation, excellent guiding and lot of fun!

Thanks for all


March 2020 Pacific Tour with Toucan EcoLodge
It was a fabulous trip and one that will go down as one most memorable in our lives for John and I. 
As I sort through pictures, I think of all the incredible animals and landscapes that we saw, and the wonderful people that we shared these adventures with. We had fabulous accommodation amidst rain forests, trails right outside our doorsteps, extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful guides and great home-cooked meals!  
Your flexibility and kindness kept us sane through the challenging times we all experienced halfway through the trip when Canada told travellers to come home immediately. 
We were able to enjoy the trip wholeheartedly and we are so happy that we went. This was a nature trip of a lifetime with wonderful memories that we will not forget! 
Thank you for putting this trip all together for us!!
Ruth and John

Thank you very much for this excellent and thorough report.  What a wonderful souvenir for us from the most memorable birding trip in our lives.  Thank you to Gabor and Andrea for their deep knowledge and skills.

Many blessings and much love,   Keiko

a big thank you to everyone for contributing in  putting together the report. It is a wonderful keepsake!  Going through the everyday saga with the photographs makes us re-live our wonderful tour!
Tom and I enjoyed every day from waking up in the morning with anticipation of what our day will be, what new birds and animals we will see from sea level to cloud forests -inland, highland, and coastal. 
Starting with the beautiful Toucan Lodge with the mid day soft breeze, a blessing, the cornucopia of birds to be seen just by taking a walk around the property. The howler monkeys timely reminding us of 5 am and 5 pm!  Not to forget the at dusk concerto by Avies staring Guans, Parrots, Toucans and more. 
The delicious Toucan lodge’s home made cooking by Andrea and Dania- always a wonderful surprise.  The pool! Ah, how relaxing with an amazing view of the valley with the Pacific Ocean at the horizon. 
The birding expertise By Gabor our leader to choice areas for viewing was excellent. Sometimes we work hard just to see birds, sweating profusely, exposing ourselves to road dust flying as local traffic passed us by but every minutes was worth the reward of seeing one new specie and another! So much diversity! 
There wasn’t just birds to excite us. About mama sloth 🦥 with her baby sleeping  💤 on a tree branche and Capuchins monkeys grooming each other lazily on a high branch on a very hot late morning. 
Accomodations South of Dominical: we enjoyed all three of them but in particular the Rio Tico safari tents lodge. It has left an imprint on my memory because it is such a unique style. The atmosphere of our “tent” right from entering it the first time, was so warm and inviting with its wood floor, low light settings, private bathroom with shower curtain gathered with a twisted toilet tissue as the string adorned with hibiscus flowers 🌸.  When hot and sweaty we jumped in the river swimming hole!  Tom says they had the best coffees!
Ok, well that is all for now not that I’m done as there was so many wonderful experiences. So, oh not to forget that we had the best group of people anyone could dream of! 
A huge thank you to our wonderful host and guides Andrea and Gabor! You have made our birding trip one that will not forget!
stay healthy, big hug to all. Mimi & Tom

Paradise is alive and well and living at Toucan Eco-Lodge, Costa Rica.

Luxurious accommodation, wonderful hospitality with an ever changing wildlife spectacle to feast your eyes on.

Kind regards,

Mike & Loui

December 2019 Private Circuit Tour & Photography at Toucan EcoLodge

We have travelled before with Andi and Gabor to various part of Latin America, including Ecuador & Galapagos and Yucatan, Mexico so we knew that we will be in good hands. Costa Rica was no exception, it was obvious they know the country and its wildlife very well. If an area had extreme weather they come up with an excellent alternative. With their flexibility and friendly style we felt as an extended family on an excellent vacation.

All the best Magdi, Miklos, Gabor


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