Reptiles at Toucan Ecolodge and wildlife reserve

Costa Rica has an amazing diversity of reptiles from which: only 2 species of crocodiles, about 70 species of lizards, 14 species of turtles, and more than 200 species of snakes. Most of the snakes are not venomous, but there are some really dangerous species as well.:-( There are 3 families into the venomous snakes are classified form these 3 the viperidae family has 12 poisonous snakes, like the fer-de-lance and the bushmaster.
In our forest reserve there are snakes as well and also poisonous ones, like Coral snakes, vipers and even the fer-de lance, but have less chance to see them, unless you are really interested to go with an expert to see night wildlife. Never go alone after dark and even during day on the trails be very careful where you step, what you touch! No venemous ones like vine snakes, parrot snakes and more can be found here as well. Among lizards we have iguanas, basilisks, which are also called Jesus Christ lizards, because they can run on the water, gekkos and common lizards. Quite easy to see them and they can be really decorative. Iguanas you can spot on the trees or in the hotter flowery garden or "vivero", Basilisk lizards are more secretive, more dificult to see them and are very attractive.
Only 2 species of crocodiles: American and Spectacled caiman in Costa Rica, but none of them lives in our forests..:-). There is a funny saying, that if you are not sure which one is the one you see, if it will runs away, it was a caiman, they are quite shy, but if it eats you then unfortunately it was a crocodile... Hahahahaha..:-) So, better keep distance!:-)
In Costa Rica there are 5 species of sea turtles nesting on the beaches!! Unfortunately all the species of sea turtles are in risk of extinction, even in CR they protect their nesting places. No sea turtles at Toucan ecolodge, since we are not at the sea. 

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