nature photography in costa rica

Beside discovering different new areas, finding and identifying species and sharing our knowledge with like-minded people one of our oldest hobby and profession is to take photographs. We offer professional help for our guests for more than a decade at our Kondor EcoLodge, HUNGARY and we happy to do the same at our Toucan EcoLodge in Costa Rica as well whether you are interested in Bird Photography, Mammal Photography, Macro Photography or Landscape Photography.

Our offers for photography

Bird photography in Costa Rica

Bird photography in Costa Rica

Most of people that are interested in photography wildlife surely would say that probably the "easiest" is to photography birds. These flying beauties are offering so much variety specially here at the tropics and in a country like Costa Rica where the density of wildlife is so high. There are so many different type of birds, they vary in size, color, shape and behaviour and they are just all superb.:-) At the lodge we have feeders for hummingbirds and other birds and hides as well which give a better chance to photography these gorgeous and colorful creatures.

Mammal photograpy in Costa Rica

Mammal photography in Costa Rica

Photographing mammals is always a challange and many people are interested to see and even take some great shots of majestic animals like jaguars, pumas and others. It is not easy, most of the cat species are nocturnal and shy. Corcovado N.P gives a better chance for these elusive animals and also for tapirs and more.. But there are some other mammals which are easier to photograph: sloth, monkeys, coatis just to mention some and they also offer a great fun just to observe them, even here in our garden and forest!:-)

Macro photography in Costa Rica

Macro photography in Costa Rica

Macro photograpy is a fantastic hobby and in Costa RIca and other tropical countries the possibilities are absolutely endless.. So many colorful little things are running, flying everywhere offering an amazing show or staying still like flowers, plants, -except in wind:-) giving the chance to see these incredibly nice flowers through the lenses as we could never see them without.
In our garden and forest you will have plenty of chance to observe this fauna and flora and you will be amazed by the variety of colors, shapes, camouflaging technics...:-)


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Our mission

Our first priority is to save habitats & species.

Secondly we would like to share our knowledge of wildlife and encourage you to participate directly or indirectly in protecting nature.

We are also working continuously on our carbon balance with developing our 23 hectares of wildlife reserve.

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