amphibians at toucan ecolodge and wildlife reserve

Almost 200 species of amphibians were recorded in Costa Rica. It has 3 orders: Anura, Caudata and Gymnophiona
The most common amphibians in the rainforest are frogs and toads and they belong to the Anura order 
Toads generally have drier skin than frogs. The biggest toad is the cane or also called marine toad and regularly can be seen in forests.
The largest frog is the smokey jungle frog. But the nicest frogs are the tree frogs and glass frogs, not to mentione the lovely colored poison dart frogs.
In our forest you have a chance to see the black and green poison dart frog and maybe even the "Blue jeans" drat frog, which is also known as strawberry frog, because of its intense red color. Poison dart frogs are diurnal and the males have and incredibly loud sound to defend their territory.:-)

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