Because of being on a bit higher elevation we always get a very nice breeze at the terrace and so it is so much more enjoable, than at the real lowlands close to the sea shores.
We have 23has of rainforest which is in a smaller part primary and most of it secondary forest with amazing trees, birds and all type of wildlife. Throughout the forest you will find several trails, on which you can see plenty of wildlife.
We try to protect this area with making this forest as a reserve.
Costa Rica is a Pura Vida = Pure Life country, they try to do a lot for their forests and wildlife, as they say, there is nothing artificial in Costa Rica only natural.. So, we try to keep this up with adding our knowledge, spread world about the country and about our little forest to save its incredible wildlife for future as much possible.:-) 
With our forest being protected we try to save a bit of the World's forests and since within the 23has we have several trails it is easily possible to spend a week or so discovering it. This way having less travels, using less petrol and so reducing our carbon footprint. Leave just your footprint, nothing else as the saying says...:-) For us these 23has are very very important, the main idea behing the purchasing of this poperty was to help a bit nature. We could not buy a bigger forest unfortunately, but at least with these 23has we can do a bit for our World. Whenever we are here we spend many times in the forest and have no need to go out, no need to use cars just enjoy this beauty, walking and watching.
Maybe this seems a small thing, but we think, that in reality this is not a small thing at all and we are proud of being part of the people now that tries to do something to safe our Planet. Anyway, smalll things can make big, so even if you/we feel that this or that is not enough it is not true, because everything counts and if everybody would do just a little to safe our World than we could make it!:-) You don't need to buy rainforests like we did, but with less travel, being more ecofriendly, saving as much as possible of used things, not using plastics or very limited amount and re use it, separate trash., not using electricity when not needed, close water properly, so there is no loss of water....Yes you can also do a lot for us and for our planet.

Come and visit us here in Costa Rica and see yourself this beauty! You can go on your own in the trails and you can ask Gabor to take you to look for birds and other wildlife or just enjoy the sounds, the trees, plants...

BUT, please also be very very careful!!

This is the tropics and it is a real rainforest with its real beautiful and less beautiful and wanted aimals! Be always with very open eyes, look where you step, what you touch -better not to touch anything in the forest-, you can not know where something less lovely animal is hiding, like spiders, snakes, ants and others.. It is beautiful, in the forest, but just better to be on the safe side!

Enjoy our lovely reserve, trees, plants and animals, you will be surely amazed by its beauty!:-)


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Our mission

Our first priority is to save habitats & species.

Secondly we would like to share our knowledge of wildlife and encourage you to participate directly or indirectly in protecting nature.

We are also working continuously on our carbon balance with developing our 23 hectares of wildlife reserve.

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